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General:  Back to the Comfortable

July 17, 2010
Just recently, our family had a conversation regarding our favorite old T-shirts. You know, the one that you always run to when you are just going to "veg" at home and do nothing. Well, we all found our "old faithful".....Jorja's is her Texas Ranger T-shirt from her mission trip in Dallas, Texas last year. Dale's is his Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt from about 12 years ago (complete with several holes). Cole's is his Student Life Camp T-shirt from 10 years ago (barely fits but he loves it and...

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General:  Days 1 and 2

July 09, 2010
As many of you know, we took a trip with our daughter, Jorja, to New York City a few weeks ago. Of course, we had just begun the Authentic Woman study and so as we walked the streets of new York City, I was thinking on the things I had studied that morning. so desire for all of us who are walking with God through this are beginning to change our perspectives and thoughts about ourselves.....that we are beginning to think the thoughts that God thinks about our bodies, souls, and spirit.....

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