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Marriage and Family: How Golf is Like Marriage!

September 24, 2015

Anybody who knows us, know that we love to play golf.  This season is almost over with the FED-X challenge coming to a close. We don't get to play as much as we would like, but nevertheless, we love to play.  We also think Golf is like marriage in many ways...

First, golf and marriage take time.  Great marriages grow over time.  Marriage is not a 100yd dash, it is a marathon.  Great marriages learn, over time, to grow together, work through their differences and brokenness, how to really love and accept one another and patiently allow your spouse to change as you over-look some of the stuff that quiet frankly drives you crazy. This is why great marriages have grace, patience and a lot of forgiveness.  That also sounds like golf because our golf games takes a lot of grace, patience and forgiveness.

Second, golf and marriage take consistency.  For us, there is a direct correlation between our score on the golf course and our consistently being able to practice and play the game.  Marriage is no different.  For us, we need consistency in partnership and communication.  We know first-hand the challenges we face when we don't have consistency in these areas.  When we don't consistently partners through decisions nor consistently communicate about where we are and what we are thinking and feeling we find ourselves in the rough. 

Now for a golf / marriage lesson.  When we find ourselves struggling through a round of golf, the first thing we try and do is go back to the basics.  Slow down, keep your eye on the ball, get one or two good swing thoughts and just stay with it.  The same is good advice for your marriage.  Slow down, keep your eye on the journey ahead of you as a couple, don't quit, throw in the towel, run away from your struggles - instead, start thinking one or two positive things about your spouse and your marriage...go back to the basics:  have a date night, share a conversation over a cup of coffee, invest some time in your marriage through communication and consistency and watch what happens.

We'd love to hear from you...so reply with your thoughts on this question:

What are two or three basic things you do to keep communication and consistency alive in your marriage?

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Ryan peters On Friday, August 08 at 1:39 AM
Thanks dale and jena I needed that this morning

Rodney Wilson On Wednesday, September 09 at 10:43 AM
Strong word and most practical application for our marriages. Thx for the reminder! Love you guys.

Dale and Jena On Friday, August 08 at 1:40 AM
the thing about the Christian life is God is gracious to remind us in all kinds of ways to keep us or get us back on the right path...and out of the rough/woods....