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Marriage and Family: 3 Keys to getting out of the spiritual dumps

August 01, 2013

We all get in the "spiritual dumps" from time to time.  Let's face it, life can throw some real curve balls at us, our  priorities can get out of order pretty quick, our schedule can gets over-loaded and before you know it, you can find yourself going to church and even reading your Bible but the fact of the matter is:  there is no passion in your walk with Christ - translation - you are in a spiritual dry place. I think it's somewhat "freeing" even to say this...the challenge is what do you do about it?  Here are three things you can do to get out of the spiritual dumps.

The first is to submit your spiritual dry season to the Lord.  This means to tell Christ openly and honestly where you are.  Christ loves it when we submit ourselves to him in honesty and authenticity.  Tell him how you are feeling, ask him for help. 

This leads to the second stage which is surrender.  As you are submitting to Christ the realness of your heart, surrender to him.  In other words, don't try to get out of your spiritual dry place by yourself.  Let HIM have the lead.  So many times when Christians get in a spiritual dry place, they think they have to somehow "make it happen" and so they go into performance mode...you know, read the Bible more, pray more, serve more, give more and there is nothing wrong with any of this, except the reality is performance without relationship never works.  Work on your intimacy with Christ first, let him bring the hope, the healing, the restoration, the new life you are looking for by enjoying his presence...more pf HIS presence equals more spiritual passion.  It's intimacy over activity.  How you might say?  Well, this is the third key, which is to be still. I want to challenge you to try the following exercise, sometime soon, very soon get in a quiet place where you will have no distractions, no emails, not text, no computers, turn on some worship music and sit there, be still before the Lord, enjoy his presence through worship music and prayer...as you pray, submit where you are, tell him how you feel, what you are facing and ask him to speak to you...don't tell him what you need or what you want him to do...just ask him to speak to you and then surrender to HIS leadership by listening.  I believe the more you submit, surrender and are still before Christ, the more you will see your heart awaken and your spiritual dry season end. After all, Christ promises, if you seek him, you will find him, if you seek him with all of you...this is what it means to submit, surrender and be still.


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Rodney Wilson On Monday, August 08 at 12:32 PM
Good strong yet practical word today. Just what I needed! Love you guys. Blessings.