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Marriage and Family: Vantage Point Part 1 - Outside Influences

April 17, 2013

I am going to be doing a series of 5 blogs called VANTAGE POINT. The goal is for you to consider your view of things.  I really believe the way we view things is critical to the way we process life, respond to the challenges we face, ovecome the apathy and complacency that creeps in while enjoying or triumphs and the trials that come our way. Who doesn't need a perspective change from time to time?  Who couldn't use a bit more joy and a better way to handle chaos and confusion?  2 Peter 3:1 says: "Dear friends, this is now my second letter to you. I have written both of them as reminders to stimulate you to wholesome thinking.This is what I am hoping to do over these next several blogs.  All of us, I mean all of us, from time to time need to be stimulated to wholesome thinking.  So here goes…today Part 1 – Outside Influences.

I read this statistic back in January from Dr. Kevin Elko.  It grabbed my attention so much that I wrote it down in my journal.  Dr.Elko said that "78% of all people allow something outside of themselves to decide what they feel."  How true!  The things we see, hear, other's opinions, obstacles to our dreams and goals all influence how we feel.  This is precisely our vantage point challenge because all of us are guilty of letting our feelings (or the lack thereof) to drive us, even consume us. For some, the outside influences in their lives are keeping them disillusioned about life, their future, meaning and purpose.  Just think about what outside influences will impact you today.  Everything from traffic, office politics, financial stress, cultural and social media, music, friends…the list could go on and on. 

So, what's the answer?  How do you maintain a proper Vantage Point in the midst of so many external influences impacting how you feel?  I want to give you two things that I have found to be critical in keeping a proper vantage point.

1.  Walk in truth.  When your feelings are being impacted…ask yourself: "is what I’m feeling based on truth?" But don’t just stop there, ask yourself: "what does God’s Word say?"  "Are my feelings based on God' truth for me and my situation?" Friend, you have to be intentional about walking in truth.  You also have to be intentional about filling your mind with truth.  This is how you take thoughts captive, live victoriously and over-come all of the external influences that impact your feelings. Live your life on facts not just feelings.  But hear me, I'm not saying don't have feelings and emotions.  I am saying let your feelings be based on truth.  Truth founded on what God says about you and your situation.

2.  Guard Your Heart.  The Bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes.  The Bible also says to guard your heart because the wellspring of life is in it.  To help you, I want to encourage you to take a mental inventory of what you are allowing into your heart.  Is it Godly?  Is it encouraging?  Is it life giving?  Do you have people in your life that encourage your heart?  Are you encouraging the heart of someone else?  What are you watching on TV?  What are you listening to on the radio and in conversations?  Who are you hanging around?  The point is:  Godly Influences create Godly vantage points!  

I also want to hear from you. 

What do you do to minimize the outside influences in your life?

What do you do to keep a proper, Godly vantage point for your heart and mind? 

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