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Marriage and Family: A Great Way to Live Every Day

March 06, 2013

Just sitting here pondering the day.  For us, like many of you, there is not enough hours in the day to get all that we THINK we have to get done.  The roars of life can get pretty loud at times. People, problems, challenging circumstances swim around us like sharks around bloody water.  Yes, this fast paced, over-loaded, crazy world in which we live can be challenging to say the least.  Now that I have your attention and maybe depressed, the good news is the rest of this blog is going to help you with three great way to live every day...so here we go!

First, make a conscious decision today to:  Control Your Thoughts!  For sure the battle many days is a battlefield of the mind...scripture says as we think in our hearts so we become.  So everyday...make the great choice to walk in truth and control your thoughts! You are a product of your thinking.  John Maxwell says:  “You must manage your thought life daily and then you can manage your life.”

Second, refuse to be a victim of your circumstances.  No doubt our circumstances can weigh very heavy at times.  But we live in a world with so many living with a "victim" mentality. The truth is that though my circumstances may be difficult, I am not a victim, I am a victor...because regardless of my circumstance, my God is able to get me through it, I am more than a conqueror and greater is HE who is in me than my situation or circumstance.  You see victims have their view on themselves, victors have their view on Christ.  So set your eyes today on the author and finisher of your faith. Live each day victoriously.

Lastly, decide to be a difference maker. In the midst of your day, with email that doesn't work, cars that break-down, inconvenient stop lights that create traffic jams, long lines at the grocery store and a "to do" list that never seem to end, go ahead and decide to make a difference today.  Avoid negativism and skepticism.  Avoid gossip, self-pity, poor-mouthing and worry.  Instead, be thankful for the precious 24 hours you get today.  Be thankful for the family and friends around you. Drink in each moment that you have and make a difference with it!


How you ask?  Well, for starters, exhale, slow-down, smile.  Decide to make a difference in the life of someone else every day.  Start by serving others and placing their needs ahead of your own.  Open the door for someone, give away words of encourgement, send a note of gratitude that you've needed to send for a long time, send a text and tell someone you are thinking of them, tell them you are thankful and praying for them, give-away a hug, let someone go ahead of you in the check-out line, tell someone about what Jesus is doing in your life...the point is...decide to be a "giver" today instead of a "taker" and when you do, you will be a difference maker!

 We would love to hear from you about these three ways as a great way to live...


When you do lvie like this and do these three things (or others) how does it change your day? 

What else do you do to rise above the stress and worry of this world in order to live each day to the fullest? 

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