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Marriage and Family: Real Life in 2013

January 01, 2013

We have (for years) thought about, talked about, tried to figure out the age old battle of consistently experiencing REAL LIFE.  With emphasis on the word CONSISTENTLY.  And we're not alone, we believe every follower of Jesus longs to consistently experiece The REAL LIFE talked about in John 10:10.  Wouldn't it be awesome to look back this time next year and say...I experienced REAL LIFE in 2013?  Today, we want to help you start 2013 with this call to consistenlty live a Real Life in 2013.  A REAL LIFE full of abundance, that is over-flowing and superior in quality and supurb in quantity, a REAL LIFE scripture says is the "ZOE" LIFE that Christ came to give and our advesary seeks to steal, kill and destroy.

This morning reading through the One Year Bible Plan from our home church, Church of the Highlands, Genesis 2:7 jumped off the page: "Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being." 

We've read and taught this scripture countless times, but today, on the first day of 2013 we were reminded that if we want to experience REAL LIFE in 2013 we will only find it in the "Breath of God"  Just as God breathed life into Adam, He wants to breath life into your 2013.  But did you see it...God breathed into his nostrils.  How close, intimate, face to face this was for God and Adam.  This is why the Breath of God in your 2013 will only be found in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as you are consistenlty led by the 3rd person of the Trinity - the Holy Spirit.

We know what you're thinking...so how do you consistenlty find the "Breath of God" in a crazy, sin filled, messed up, busy world?  We're glad you asked!  Here are 3 ways you can consistetly experience the Breath of God in 2013. 

First, offer God your first fruits:  In 2013, give him the first part of your day by listening to worship music before you listen to anything else. Read HIS Word before you read an e-mail, FB post or tweet.  Give him the first of your resources by being a consistent giver to your local church and ministries.  Give him the first day of your week by consistenlty attending your local Church. Make a commitment to give Christ your first!  You will find God's Breath when you give God your first!

Second, stay consistenlty in HIS WORD. The Holy Spirit is the New Covenant breath of God that will lead you and HE does so, primarily through the Word of God.  You will not experience ZOE LIFE and the Breath of God unless you consistenlty study God's Word.  This is not some religioius activity or "checking off your box" for Jesus approach to life. This is not a "have to" but a "get to" and once you figure out you "get to" engage the God of the Universe to find life, HIS Word will come alive. The Prophet Jeremiah said in Jeremiah 15:16 "When your words came, I ate them:  they were my joy and my heart's delight, for I bear your name O Lord God Almighty."  Is God's Word your joy and hearts delight?  Have you figured out that you don't have a "quiet time" because you have to, but rather if you don't...you won't make it?  You will find God's Breath in God's Word!

Lastly, stay connected with God's people.  In 2013 make the commitment to build into your life, people who will help you grow in your walk with Christ.  Invest in someone else spiritually and allow someone else to invest in you.  Isolation always erodes intimacy.  Satan will use isolation from God and God's people to snuff out God's Breath in your ife.  Remember, it is not good for man to be alone, and God has designed Christian Community to be the catalyst of Real Life for a follower of Jesus.  We know first hand, that Real Life, Real Growth, Real Change takes place in the life of a follower of Christ by walking out their faith with others.  So get in a small group, find some friends of faith, study together, serve together, sacrifice together....experience God's Breath together.

Our prayer is that 2013 will be a year of REAL LIFE for you, literally experiencing the Breath of God over your year and life...if you do these 3 things, we think it will!     


We'd love to hear from you and how the Lord is using our blogs to encourage your walk with Christ.  Leave us your comments, you never know who will read them and be encouraged by how God is working in your life.  We know we'd be encouraged to hear your story.  

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Terry On Monday, January 01 at 12:20 PM
Thank you for your encouraging words. People and God is what it is all about. Not what I wear or what someone says on the internet. We need to be reminded of the 3 steps you gave us and hep others apply them in their lives. The time I spend weekly with three ladies has become so rewarding. Anything that can keep me on track and encourage them I appreciate. Matt 28:18-19 says "go make disciples", that is life on life and I am so blessed! To God be ALL glory.