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Marriage and Family: Lips and Feet

January 25, 2012

We call each other Buford, I don't know why or when this started. He's from Georgia and I'm from Alabama.  We are a couple of southern boys, I guess it just somehow stuck!  My "South GA BU" as he is commonly known by me is a great friend.  He is a people builder...God has used him more than once to speak into my life!  This is what makes him come alive and he's good at it.  At the end of this blog is a link to hear him share a challenge that every Christian needs to hear. I thought I would blog a bit about it first, I truly hope it will make you think...but more than that...I hope it makes a difference in your life!
We all know the great indictment on the Church from the unsaved is that Christians are a bunch of "hypocrites".  And I get this, I really do.  I know they are looking
at us.  I know they are trying to see if there really is something different about us because of  Christ.  And you know what, we should want them looking at us.  We should
want them to investigate our lives and watch the way we respond to this world and the problems we face.  We should want them to watch us love our neighbors and care for others.  We should welcome their investigation of our lives in hopes that somehow, some way, they will see not a bunch of "perfect, sinless people" but a people that have surrendered to a perfect Savior named Jesus.  I think this is why "South GA BU" - asked a very important question about lips and feet...one that you and I need to ask ourselves: "HOW CLOSE DO THE WORDS FROM MY LIPS MATCH THE PATH LEFT BY MY SHOES?"  In other words, does my walk match my talk? 
When scripture uses the word WALK, it literally means the manner in which you move forward or progress with Christ.  From the moment of your Salvation, Christ has longed to walk with you in such a way that HIS presence progressively changes your perspective about everything.  Friend, you were created to walk with God.  This is foundational to everything else in your Christian life.  You were not created to manage sin, be a good person, give money or go on mission trips.  Yes, these are good things...but there is Higher Calling...you were created to Walk with Christ in such intimacy that HE LITERALLY CHANGES YOU!  This is critical, because it is the only place you will be happy, fulfilled and free.  So stop trying to follow all the rules and keep mark off your box for Jesus and simply start walking with HIM.  Walk with HIM and let HIM change you from the inside out.  You see it is through intimacy with Christ, being in HIS WORD and listening to HIS voice that He changes the way you see yourself, the way you see others, the way you see your problems, the way you see your past and the way you see your future. 
Before you listen to the audio, I want to leave you with some questions as you investigate how you are moving forward and progressing with your own walk with Christ:
1.  Are you walking worthy of the calling you have received? Are you representing Christ well and is he pleased with the things in your life?
2.  Are you walking differently than the lost?  Not better than, not "holier - than -thou" but differently?  Is your heart hardened or is it soft for the things of God?
3.  Are you walking wisely making the most of your opportunities for Christ? 

I hope you enjoy the audio teaching...and may the lips that we use to proclaim Christ also match the footprints left by our shoes!
Click HERE for audio


to watch a video of Jena and I talking about how to overcome the battle between our feelings and our faith so that our footprints of actions match the lips we proclaim with 

Click HERE!

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