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Marriage and Family: Christmas Memories and UH-OH's

December 14, 2011

Ok, so we thought we would have some fun this Christmas...you up for it?  If so, then we need you to DO YOUR PART!  Here goes...everyone one of us have some Christmas Memories and traditions, even some "oh-no's"...so how about sharing them with everyone. All you have to do is, post a comment to this blog, share your tradition, tell a funny Christmas memory, describe that AWEFUL Gift you received or describe that AWEFUL Christmas sweater that a family member wears!

We'll start, last night was our 7th annual PAJAMA EXPRESS.  Here's how it works. Every year we all get a new pair of Christmas Pajamas.  About a week before Christmas, we put them on, get in the car, go to Starbucks, get our favorite coffee, hot chocolate or for Cole, last night he got a "chi-egg".  I think that is what it was called, he said he learned about from Travis Cottrell. I'm not sure what it was...I think a cross between a Chi-Tea and egg-nog.  Anyway, (I digress) we turn on our favorite Christmas music and drive around searching for the most hideous, "griswald" like Christmas lights. We even found a website called "tacky light.com" to help us out. It is a blast and an awesome Christmas tradition for us.

Now, it's your turn, take a couple of minutes, reply below, spead some Christmas cheer! We'd love to hear about your traditions, what you are most thankful for this Christmas, what you're looking forward to and go ahead, describe that sweater, you might even feel the need to confess how you really feel about that same old present you get every year.  You know the one that you re-gift to your childs teacher...yea, that's the one.  And of course, from the Forehands to you....Merry Christmas!

fully surrendered,

Dale and Jena

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Deion On Thursday, December 12 at 5:06 AM
one of my Christmas memories is that every year my dad asked for he same thing...underwear and socks....never understood this...until I became a man, husband, father....now I ask for the same stuff...go figure