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Marriage and Family: Protecting Your Family

November 18, 2011

We (and hopefully you) are absolutely sick to our stomachs over the headlines for the last few weeks:  A marriage that ends in 72 day - "REALLY?" Penn State and Jerry Sandusky - "Disgusting and Pure Evil", Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's - what a"pathetice view of marriage!!!"  And while we are not going to cover all of these in this blog, we are going to help you with some amazing tips to PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, and especially your kids... in light of Jerry Sandusky case, here's some great advice...

Yes, the Jerry Sandusky case is deeply disturbing on many levels, but for just a moment, instead of venting and ranting (which we totally get), perhaps the response and one positive that can come out of it is to "rewaken" ourselves to "KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OUR KIDS!"  With that said, we wanted to give you some things "You Must Do" to protect your family from such evil.  As parents one of our most important calls is to COVER our kids...in other words, place a protective barrier over and around them....so using the word COVER...we want to help you remember some keys to Protecting Your Family!

C = communicate, communicate, communicate.  Your kids have to know they can tell you anything, they have to have a safe place to share, they have to be taught about their bodies, what is right and wrong when it comes to touch and affection.

O = observe, observe, observe.  You have to know who is in your kids life.  This goes for older kids all the way to every age adult.  Observe the influencers with your kids, in activities and places of leadership.  Keep your eyes open!

V = verbal power, verbal power, verbal power. You have to tell your kids that "NO" is not a bad word. Empower them with the right to say "NO" to someone who is hurting them and touching them inappropriately. Teach them to tell you anytime and everytime something uncomfortable happens to them.  This can be physically and/or emotionally. Remember many times abuse is tied together both physically and emotionally.

E = encourage, encourage, encourage.  In other words, create and environment where your kids are encouraged to have open communication from them.  Look for what we call "windows of opportunity" when their guard is down and they really begin to share.  This means you are going to have to work at being a good listener, know how to ask open ended and "non, yes or no" questions. Pay attention to details and don't blow them off.  Kids can tell when you are engaged and really listening or when you are disengaged and focused on something else, so work at building this up in your family.

R = realize, realize, realize.  That 90% of abuse and assaults on childrenn will come from someone they know.  So you have to know where your kids are, who they are with, who is watching them, etc. Have a screening process for babysitters, Pay attention if your kids are resistant and hesitant about going somewhere or being with someone. 

As parents, we know this can keep us all up at night. Remember, God did not give us a Spirit of Fear.  We should not obsess over all of this but we should be careful, deliberate, watchful and concerned about anything and everything, along with anyone and everyone we allow to influence the lives of our family members.  So in the process, trust Christ to lead you, the Holy Spirit to guide you and cling to the promise that God will never leave you nor forsake you.

If you want to get some additional insight and helpful hints, perhaps this link to an article about Megan's Law will help as well. http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/protect.htm

We also would ask that you pass this blog to others, tweet about it, post it on your facebook, get the word out, pass on the truth.  It's very simple, just use the SHARE buttons at the top of our blog page!!!

We can all use these kinds of things as we Protect Our Families.

fully surrendered,

dale and jena


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