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Marriage and Family: WE WON - GOD BE PRAISED!

February 16, 2011

"You saved my life from death, when I was all defeated
You spoke Your promises, And brought life to my weakness
Came as a conquering King, And You warred for my freedom
My soul can’t help but sing

That phrase..."you warred for my freedom"... how powerful...how true...how inspiring.  Just think about it, Christ warred for our freedom on the cruel cross of Calvary.  Christ is our conquering King, He did save our lives from death.  May we never forget that!  The song goes onto to say...

Your cross demands my life, Now Your grace is my anthem
My soul can’t help but sing Hallelujah
Hallelujah, we’re redeemed and made free
By the blood of the Lamb We have won
Hallelujah, we will sing victory, Jesus conquered the grave
God be praised"

We love that...WE WON...by the blood of the Lamb...WE WON!  How awesome is it that we get to sing VICTORY...GOD BE PRAISED! 

So today, regardless of what you might be facing, just know that God's got it.  He see it.  He knows what you are facing and he has offered you victory.  Be reminded of the Cross of Christ that saved your life from death, that brought life to your weakness and that now demands you live your life with grace as your anthem and sing HALLELUJAH GOD BE PRAISED!

 fully surrendered,

Dale and Jena

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