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Marriage and Family: Parenting - nothing more important...nothing more difficult (7 ways to lead your family as parents)

October 26, 2010

We heard it said once, that if God had trouble with his first two kids (Adam and Eve)...is it any wonder that we would have trouble with ours?  When we heard this we laughed and then thought for a moment...how true!  Parenting is hard and we need help!

So we thought for the next several blogs, we would share with you 7 ways you can lead your family as parents...

The first one:  Mom and Dad who are leaders as defenders!

What we mean by this is that as parents, one of the greatest things we can do for our kids is to train them to become DEFENDERS of their IDENTITY and DEFENDERS OF TRUTH.  Let's face it...the enemy is after our families...and his number one way to do so is to attack us with a bunch of lies in hopes we will exchanges God's truth for satan's lies (Rom. 1:25).  As parents, we must help our kids know the TRUTH about WHO THEY ARE...WHAT THEY ARE!  I (Dale) cannot tell you the number of times my father told me as I went off to school...."never forget - you are a Foehand and a Christian!"  Friend, if we don't tell our kids WHO THEY ARE...and WHAT THEY ARE....this world will tell them for us!

We remember a time when our daughter Jorja was in 2nd grade...she had just gotten glasses and came home after school crying because some kid in her class told her she was ugly because she now had 4-eyes!  I (Jena) took her to the bathroom, made her look into the mirror and said to her...Jorja - is there anything ugly about you?  You have beautiful skin, a gorgeous smile...and amazing eyes...you are not ugly...you are beautiful.  So, are you gonna believe what that kids said about you or are you going to believe the truth about you?  That day, Jorja walked away in truth because of the call for us to lead her as a defender of truth!

So what about you...how can you lead your kids to walk in truth?  The truth about salvation, morality, purity and holiness?  Be a parent who leads by example...remember:  values aren't taught but rather caught...what you do in moderation...your kids will do in excess...so parentinig always starts with us...and OUR walking in truth.  We have to be people with convictions, morals and integrity!  We can't lead where we have not been...so as we parent as leader defenders...let's know the truth for our own lives...let's have some boundaries for our own morals and holiness...after all...as James Dobson said...."streams without boundaries becomes a swamp"



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