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General: Days 1 and 2

July 09, 2010
As many of you know, we took a trip with our daughter, Jorja, to New York City a few weeks ago. Of course, we had just begun the Authentic Woman study and so as we walked the streets of new York City, I was thinking on the things I had studied that morning.....

I so desire for all of us who are walking with God through this are beginning to change our perspectives and thoughts about ourselves.....that we are beginning to think the thoughts that God thinks about our bodies, souls, and spirit.....

So I am thinking all about that, and when we crossed a street, I came face to face with this sign that was posted on a wall:

As, we go through Week 5: Depositing Soul Truths, it's all about how to overcome satan's lies.....how to remove his lies and replace them with God's truth. I loved this sign because the way to overcome satan's lies is indeed to "protect our thoughts".....and we protect our thoughts by making sure that we are thinking "God-thoughts".....

What are you allowing into your mind? Are they God-thoughts or worldly thoughts? Do they promote God's truth over your life, or not? Be careful what you fill your mind with.....for what you ponder is what you practice.....you will live out what you think on......PROTECT YOUR THOUGHTS......and thus protect your life.

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