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Marriage and Family: Love says - Let's Work it Out!

March 25, 2015

If you've ever heard the theme song from this classic television show, you would never forget it! The show was The Love Boat. I (Jena) remember how important it was for me to never miss a single episode of The Love Boat! A hopeless romantic, even then! I think it came on, on Saturday nights right before Fantasy Island! I'm showing my age, huh?! If you ever watched the show, couples were always falling in love! Whether married, meeting for the first time, or hating each other and then finding love, love was always the theme and love always won out in the end! Who wouldn't want to watch a show like that?!!! Why did things always get worked out and love always prevailed on the love boat? Well, mainly because it is a television show and the writers wanted it to! But I think we can learn something here: on a boat, you are stuck having to deal with your relationship, almost forced to deal with it! Think about it: your cabin is as small as your closet at home. You can't get off the boat unless you plummet to your death! So you are confined in a small space with this person and faced with the decision to either be miserable or work it out.  When we are not confined to a certain place, we are offered options to withdraw and avoid in hopes that relational struggles will just go away on their own. And if you are a conflict avoider, this option is usually a great one. The problem with avoiding a possibly difficult situation can only make matters worse, like a wound that festers without medicine to heal it. The problems never go away on their on. They may lay dormant for a period of time, but there is an undercurrent churning below the surface that can take the boat under if they are not calmed.  When it comes to really living a life of love, a love like God's love, it means loving enough to work through your differences. Love works things out, and most relationships become stronger because of it.The Bible says it like this: "...steadily, pour yourselves out for each other in acts of love, alert at noticing differences and quick at mending fences." Ephesians 4:3

One of the greatest acts of love is a willingness to work through a problem. 

Your willingness to work things out with another communicates value to the other person. It says, "You are important enough to me to push through my uncomfortableness and try to work it out." On the other hand, your unwillingness to work things out with another communicates rejection and a lack of value.

God's love is so deep that He was willing to send His Son to take the punishment we deserved for breaking relationship with Him. If we really want to love authentically, we will do whatever it takes to make things right with others, no matter how difficult or awkward it may be.

Who do you need to work things out with? Don't waste another minute!

Go humbly, willing to put yourself in the other person's shoes, and ask God to help you.

Maybe it's time you stopped jumping ship and got on the Love Boat!



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