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Marriage and Family: Depending or Pretending

November 24, 2014

When my son, Cole, was about 4 years old, we were "housing" Dale's dad's beautiful mahogany boat in our basement. One day, I went down to the basement, and when Cole saw the boat, he asked if I would put him in it. So, I grabbed his little waist and hoisted him up into the boat. While I continued what I was doing, Cole began to pretend he was the captain of a ship. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him telling everyone what needed to be done because a storm was coming.

When Cole saw that I was watching, I said, "Hey, Cole-man, what cha doin?" He replied, "Just depending!"

While Cole meant, "pretending", I think the Lord allowed him to say "depending" to speak to me. 

How often do we pretend we have no problems, pretend problems don't exist, or pretend that the storm that's brewing will soon calm itself? So we avoid, pacify, and ignore, only to discover that our response has only made the problem worse? Not only has the issue not gone away, but it has escalated to a place you never wanted it to be. Anyone?

How the Father longs for us to quit pretending and start DEPENDING on Him! He has certainly proven Himself dependable, and worthy of our total dependence! And yet for some reason, we think we know better than He!

I don't know why the Spirit reminded me of this and told me to blog it for today, but some of us needed the reminder!

I just arrived home from taking that 4 year old boy, who is now 23, and moving he and his wife to Orlando, Florida to start a new adventure that God has called them to. Yet again, God is using Cole to teach me the value of "Just depending", as I watched him take this beautiful step of faith. This Mama is depending on the Father like never before to guide her baby boy in the paths laid out for him (before the beginning of time) to fulfill the purpose for which he was created. He's "just depending", and so am I.

Is there something that you have been pretending didn't exist? Pretending something never even happened? Pretending to not see the inevitable storm that is brewing? 

Your faithful God wants you to know that He can be depended on. You don't have to pretend. You can simply depend. 


"So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the LORD your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you." Deuteronomy 31:6


(this blog post is taken from Living Deeper Ministries and Jena Forehand.  To find out more, visit www.livingdeeperministries.com)


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