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Marriage and Family: 30 DAY CORE Challenge

April 30, 2014

We are huge advocates for wholistic living: to be disciplined body, soul, and spirit. Oftentimes, we develop and work on one area and not the others and then our life gets way out of balance!

So, Jena created for all of us a balanced 30-Day CORE Challenge! Each day, you have an exercise for your physical core, a truth about who you are for your soul core, and some Scripture for your spiritual core. What cha think about that?!!! Let's start this for the month of May and see what happens!!! 

This CORE Challenge is going to build your C.O.R.E. attitudes: confidence, optimism, respect, and energy! AND, your C.O.R.E. attitudes will, on the flip side, help you begin and complete the 30-Day CORE Challenge! What a great cycle to be in!!! So, who's with us?

Click this link to be directed to Jena's Living Deeper Ministries site for all of the details, the daily work-outs, the daily scripture.  And make sure when you visit her blog site to leave us a comment that you will be joining us. 


NOW...In the words of Peter Pan: Here we go!




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