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Marriage and Family: How to make the Best New Year's Resolutions

December 29, 2013



Studies show that 45% of Americans make New Year's Resolutions but only 8% are successful in achieving them.  In 2013, these made the Top 10 Most Common List - (10) lose  weight (9) stop smoking (8) Learn something new (7) save money (6) spend more time with family (5) travel more (4) drink less (3) get organized (2) work on "to do list" (1) volunteer. 

All of these are good resolutions and I think they can bring you a lot of fullfillment, but let's face it...making the New Year's resolution is not the problem....the problem is in the "doing" not the "making."  That's why I am dedicating this blog post to HOW TO MAKE THE BEST NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS.  Here are three ways you can be successful...not only in your realizing your New Year's resolutions, but in every area of your life.  

NUMBER 1:  Take it one day at a time.  In life we can easily get knocked "off-course" by hanging onto our past or worrying about our future.  We can also get so bombarded about the results that we actually lose our way. Remember, each day has enough trouble for its own...don't worry about tomorrow...live the best you can each day.  The great news is that the Lord gives us enough grace for each day, so give yourself some grace and trust the process of growth you are working on....take it one day at a time and the results will come.  If your resolution is to lose weight, take it one day at a time! If your resolution is to get organized, take it one day at a time! If your resolution is to learn something new, then take it one day at a time and work on it. And on the days when you don't do so well, forget what is behind you and embrace the new day...there is mercy there...waiting on you to start again.

NUMBER 2:  Small Changes before Big Results. There is an ole saying:  you eat an elephant first by nibbling at it's toes. You don't swallow it in one bite!  The same is true for the resolutions you make and the life change you want to see.  It is in the small consistent changes that bring the big results.  Resolutions, life change, becoming a better you, having better friendships, a better marriage, a better whatever (you fill in the blank for your life) will happen through daily, small , consistent changes.  If you don't tackle life like this, then you will more than likely get over-whelmed by all you want to see happen and get exasperated, burned out and defeated.  Success comes in the details of daily making small changes. So choose one or two things that you want to see change in your life in 2014, make a decision to work on these one day at a time through small consistent changes.

NUMBER 3:  Keep a reminder in front of you.  I believe that one of the reasons that 92% of the people making New Year's Resolutions are unsuccessful is that they somehow forgot along the way what they had resolved to do. In other words, life had gotten so busy, perhaps they had an unexpected change of events like sickness, job loss, family crisis, etc. and all of a sudden as life unfolded, their resolution was pushed to the back burner.  This is so understandable and rightfully so...that's why keeping a reminder of what you resolved to do, always before you, will keep you focused.  One simply way is to put a pop-up reminder on your smart-phone, tablet or computer calendar first thing in the morning. That way, you are reminded each day to make a small change toward what you resolved to do in 2014.  Also, get a journal and write down your goals for 2014 and then refer back to them each month....see how you are doing...re-evaluate and re-up.  An unevaluated life is a wasted life...so constantly take an inventory of where you are and how you are doing.

To close, I want to give you some final thoughts on how to make The Best New Year's Resolutions for your 2014.  Think of your life in 3 ways:  body, soul and spirit.  Then ask yourself these question:   

How would I like to see my life change physically in 2014?  

How would I like to see my life change emotionally in 2014? 

How would I like to see my life change spiritually in 2014? 

Pray, ask the Lord for direction in each of these three areas of your life and as you discover your answers...then decide what you will do each day through small steps with consistent reminders along the way of what you resolved. 


Daily decisions through small changes with constant reminders of growing and changing physically, emotionally and spiritually - that's how you make the Best New Year's Resolution's for 2014!  


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