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Marriage and Family: Peace on Earth - the promise of Christmas

December 17, 2013

"I (Jena) just recently went and visited a dear friend who just had her first baby. Beautiful, tiny, sweet, and gentle, this new baby left me in awe as I looked at the wonder of new life. As her mother held her, she was totally trusting that her mother would hold her and care for her. She was completely vulnerable and completely dependent upon her mother.....and instead of being anxious about that truth, she slept.....in perfect peace. Christmas offers us the same...peace on earth..here's how...

My soul is like a baby content." Psalm 131:2  (The Message)

So, how do we get there?

We sing songs like "It is well with my soul" and even the Christmas tune I heard in a musical, "All is well, all is well"....but is it? Really?

The answer is YES. All is well because of Emmanuel, "the with-us" God. His Presence brings with it His Power and Protection....and His Presence and Power and Protection offer us great PEACE! I may know this reality in my head, but I have to learn to take every other thought captive that tells me anything different than this! THIS is how we get there! A soul of peace is a soul who continually focuses on the reality of God's presence, power, and protection in their lives.

We have to tell our soul this truth over and over until our heart aligns with what we know to be true in our head. 

When I realize, just like this baby, that I am totally dependent (for even my next breath) upon my Father, and that I lay totally open and vulnerable and yet completely safe in His arms, will I experience deep, true, contentment.

Close your eyes for just a moment and picture yourself in the arms of Jesus, safe and content. Let His peace wash over your anxious heart. Ask Him to make your heart catch up with your head so that the truth becomes a reality for you.

May we all be able to truly say this Christmas, "My soul is like a baby content. All is well, because of Emmanuel".  This is how you will find Peace on Earth this Christmas!

CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE: Take a moment while you are watching kids open presents, the chaos of getting lunch on the table, or the laughter of family sharing memories, to step back and see the blessings God has given you, and whisper a word of thanks.


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