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Marriage and Family: Why Trials are Good!

October 30, 2013

If you noticed, the topic of today's blog is not a question, it's a statement.  In other words trials are good. But in order for you to have this mindset in the middle of your trials, you have to begin to see them spiritually and not just naturally. This can be a real challenge for all of us because in the heat of the battle, most of us lose sight of this.  In fact, most of us are looking for the fix to our problems instead of looking to Jesus.  We can get so caught up in finding relief from the trial and move on with life that we miss what God is trying to do through them.  However, if you want to find the good from your trials, then you must put on your spiritual lenses.  Here's how to find the good in the trial or trials you are facing.  Simply ask this question:

God what are you trying to do in me and through me because of this trial?

Perhaps you are worried today about your marriage, your health, your job, some relationships on the rocks, sickness, financial strain, the list could go on and on....just name your trial....but when you do...ask the question above. 

You see, I am learning more and more that God allows trials in our lives because HE is after something in us. In my book, Often Told, Rarely Trained I wrote, "God will settle for nothing less than the deep personal formation of Christ in your life."  In other words, God is after the recreation of Christ in us!  Therefore, could it be that He allows trials in our lives so that HE can transform us through them? I say yes, and that is precisely why Trials are Good!  Through the trials of life, God's grace, mercy and presence are always with us. You see, trials are good if we let them refine us, refocus us, and renew us. Trials are good if we allow Christ to be our refuge and strength and our guide through them. Trials are good if we run to Christ and lean on his promises. I've heard it said that the storms of life reveal the foundation upon which we stand. If you want to be transformed through your trials, then today, put on your spiritual lenses and build your foundation on the power of God, the sufficiency that is in Christ, the promises and presence of Christ and the truth that no matter what you face, HIS grace is sufficient.  When you do, I believe you will find supernatrual joy because you have found the superiority of a life being lived in God, transformed by God, for the glory of God.


Here's the question to ponder and please leave us your comments, we'd love to hear what God is doing in your life:  How has God used the trials in your life to grow you spiritually?  

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Andrea On Wednesday, October 10 at 10:44 AM
You two are a real blessing. Thanks so much for sharing your testimony!