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Events Schedule
Sep 27
One Day Family Focus
Luther , MT

Oct 09 - Oct 11
Lifeway's - Marriage GetAway
Ridgecrest, NC

Nov 13 - Nov 14
Woman's Conference
Hendersonville, TN

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Why is the wrong question...here's why

Why is the wrong questions and here's why! We've all been in places where we had questions: Questions like: "why this happened?" "why that happened?", "why is this not happening?" "why is that not happening?". What we've learned and are still learning is that WHY is the wrong question. In fact, WHY is an invalid question that will leave you many days living spiritually as an "in -valid" . So what do you do

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Feb 05 - Feb 06
Let's Get Real ™ Marriage Conference
Kingwood, TX

Feb 26 - Feb 28
Together at the Springs
Talladega, AL
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